Academic Trainer for Delhi – India

Full Time
  • Delhi, India
  • Post Date: February 23, 2017
  • Apply Before: January 23, 2018
Job Description

You’re interested in education and take immense pride in your work. Now you’re ready to use your interest and experience to make a real difference in school education. This bigger role will excite and challenge you, while providing the opportunity for rapid career advancement.

As a Vikalp fellow, you’ll work directly with academic coordinators, headmistress or principals of educational institutions, specifically public schools. You’ll be the face of the company, the key point of contact and the person who ensures that critical services are delivered at a level that wows each client.


Introductory workshops for teachers & teacher educators.
Designing and implementing Maths curriculum.
Consultancy and monitoring of primary school maths program.
Workshops for parents on creating meaningful learning environment at home.
Effective interpersonal skills, including the ability to work with faculty and staff to establish effective working relationships.
Ability to adapt to various learning styles of students and teaching styles of faculty.
Ability to identify areas of student difficulties and patiently help students overcome math anxiety.
Facilitate implementation and full adoption of the Vikalp solution.
Assess the unique challenges school is facing and develop a customized research and communications plan.
Coordinate with school authorities and Vikalp personnel to ensure projects are delivered to clients flawlessly and on schedule.
Serve as an ambassador for Vikalp, sharing your work at conferences and seminars.
Maintain an acute awareness of current events in public education at local, state and national levels.
Think innovatively about the problems facing public schools and devise creative solutions to expand portfolio of services and product offerings.

Who can apply?
Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution
Effective oral and written communication skills; proficiency in the English language
Self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit
Organized, focused and able to thrive in a fast-paced environment
Superior analytical and problem-solving skills
Knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
Effective oral and written communication skills; proficiency in the English language

About Us:
Vikalp – an alternative in education. It is an idea, a vision shared by like-minded professionals instrumental in bridging the gap between different ways of learning and standard style of teaching followed in schools (K12 education segment). Our focus is on implementing alternative methods to suit the diverse requirement of school-going-children.
What we do?
In a normal classroom situation, one teacher teaches around 30 to 60 students. A teacher alone cannot fulfill the diverse learning needs of numerous students. This gap in teaching-learning process can be addressed by adopting experiential learning in classroom. In this process students “learn by doing”. They are engaged in manipulation and in the process student discover knowledge.

How we do?
It is a total mathematics teaching-learning program executed through 6 tools

Physical Products  – pre- packed according to syllabus of each grade
Teacher Trainings  – improvising quality of teachers to implement experiential learning
Implementation guide – detailed lessen plan outlining activities for each period.
Comprehensive Worksheets – well-researched exercises using pen and paper.
Kaleidoscopic Workshops – Interesting activities like puppet shows, nukkard natak , storytelling etc
Assessment – psychometric and academic assessment of each student.