Assistant Manager- Credit Card Sales for Hyderabad

Full Time
Job Description
    Drive sales of credit cards through partnered Retail Stores. 
    Drive Productivity, manage costs of acquisition and ensure compliant sourcing processes 
    Build and nurture relationships with the branch managers, key employees and the Regional Managers. 
    Single point of contact for all issues that the branches face for their day to day operations. 
    Update the stores on all approvals, declines, incentives earned etc. 
    Train and motivate key branch employees to Cross Sell . 
    Recruit train and motivate Branch Relationship executives and Managers. 
    Responsible for increasing approval rates through right sourcing 
    Develop strategies to increase sales volumes, manage costs and source through different channels 
    Ability to manage teams, motivate and grow sales executives 
    Understand basic labor regulations, administrative responsibilities in managing agencies/sales teams 
    Monitor and develop sales teams, ensure sales force effectiveness