Assistant Manager / Manager – IPM for Hyderabad

Full Time
Job Description

Key Responsibilities:
Devise patent search strategies and perform searches in various databases, short-list relevant patents/applications and prepare patent landscapes.
Perform FTO analysis for various emerging markets. 
Identify patent blocks and provide suitable IP strategies to minimize risk.
Prepare preliminary invalidation/ opposition grounds for blocking patents/applications.
Monitor the prosecution/ litigation progress of competitors patent applications/patents and accordingly propose way forward approaches.
Provide technical support during litigation/patent oppositions proceedings.
Perform patentability evaluation (novelty & obviousness searches) and devise IP filing strategies.
Provide recommendations to the project teams to generate new data to secure stronger IP positions.
Draft patent applications.
Prepare prosecution responses in coordination with external counsels.
Interact with cross-functional team members to understand the product perspectives to understand the functional and organisation requirement.