Cyber Security Specialist – Dubai – UAE

Full Time
Job Description

oles and Reponsibilities:
Maintain the appropriate knowledge of tools, security procedures, and services within the SOC.
Maintain the ability to complete all SOC daily operations and procedures, and ensure the proper escalation and leadership knowledge is provided.
Conduct initial triage, declare events/incidents, create incident cases, gather evidence, track and update incident status, and identify additional action items.
Shift Leads are required to follow through to closure for all security incidents. Shift Leads are required to report any P1 and P2 incidents that are observed.
Provide knowledge to improve and mature the services and capabilities of the SOC.
Identify improvements within processes, procedures, policies, staffing, training, and tools to improve efforts and daily operations.
Carry out Event analysis and investigation within the daily monitoring & alerting.
Assigned monitoring responsibilities according to operational procedures.
Responsible for shift activity and daily operations, in terms of making sure that the daily shift responsibilities are completed.
Ensure that event analysis and incident reports, tickets, and shift activities are documented and quality control is applied to ensure accuracy.
Accurately, and in detail, record pertinent information from the days shift in the shift logs to ensure no information gaps occur at shift change.
Administer and maintain Shift report according to SOC operational procedures.
Ensure the proper pass down and transfer of knowledge between analyst shifts and leadership to provide an understanding of all SOC activities and situational awareness.
Ensure events are handled at detection time according to established procedures.
Demonstrate excellent communication and client care skills by documenting all activities within our client delivery systems and communicating with client representatives in a timely manner.
Stay informed of current events in the security industry including the latest exploits and threats, as well as preventative measures, remediation and restoration techniques.
Mentor team members to improve quality and consistency of security information analysis of network traffic.
Ensure the proper mitigations and vulnerability management are recommended and escalated to management.

Cyber Security