Physiotherapist – Bengaluru – India

Full Time
Job Description

Job Description
Job Roles & Responsibilities :
*To supervise and coordinate activities of physical therapy program designed to treat disabled, injured or diseased patients.

*To establish goals and policies for the physical therapy section of the physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department

*To establish reporting procedures and types of records to be maintained.

*To compile statistical data from experts.

*To consult with physicians regarding treatments and schedules patients for treatment in accordance with available personnel and equipment.

*To assign cases to Jr. therapist (In case, if any), indicating type and specifications of treatment, type of equipment or therapeutic devices required.

*To observe personnel in performance of duties to evaluate efficiency, skill, abilities and attitudes toward fellow workers and patients for use in recommending personal actions and determining effectiveness of methods.

*To introduce and demonstrate new techniques.

*To observe patients’ actions and reactions to prescribed treatment and evaluate progress.

*To train new personnel; lecture students and nurses to discuss and evaluate patients’ condition, progress, and plans for further therapy.

*To instruct and demonstrate to outpatients exercises to be performed at home.

*To prepare treatment charges for Financial Management Department for inclusion with patients charges. Submit annual reports and budget requests.

*To maintain inventories and requisitions supplies and equipment.

*To process requisition repairs for equipment and facilities.

*To design and Implement Community outreach Program.

Able to work accurately and with minimal supervision.

Technical skills required for using and maintaining the various equipments and the computer.

Ability to comprehend written instructions given by the Doctors and co-ordinate with other related departmental personnel.

Ability to plan & organize ones work schedule effectively.

Speaking and listening are essential requirements to understand and carry out the instructions given by the supervisors and other related departmental personnel.


Finger Dexterity

Emotional Maturity.

Educational Qualification:
candidates who can join at a short notice will be preferred .

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